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How This Interior Designer Creates the Perfect Blend of Nature and Wellness

By Lucas Norton-neale

Interior designer Rebecca Cartwright blends rustic and modern touches in this home, nestled in an arts and wellness community outside Atlanta.

Located on the rural outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia, Serenbe is a picturesque community comprising four hamlets that focus on arts, agriculture, health, and education. Designed to be a center for quiet living for creatives and their families, the newest development, Mado, wants to focus on bringing the outdoors in, but in a modern setting. This is exactly the vibe that Idaho–based designer Rebecca Cartwright achieved with The Naturally House, a tree house-inspired haven.

The black steel swing frames a dark window perfectly, lending a modern vibe to the wood exterior. Plants and white decorations break the colors up further.
The entryway serves as the most welcoming spot in the home, with a multitude of textures lending a homely feel.
Ali Harper

The wood exterior integrates with the surrounding forest while the steel swing exemplifies modern, child-friendly living. “The swing was the jumping off point for bringing steel elements throughout,” explains Cartwright. Black and white hues lend a polished look, and plants lend life and freshness.

In the kitchen, statement lighting by Nuevo Living, teal appliances, and an intricately carved wooden table juxtaposes modern living with rustic touches. What one would assume is the refrigerator door actually opens up into a playful pantry.
Artwork serves as the ultimate connecting factor in the home. Cartwright used as many local artists as possible for an original look that was all Serenbe.

The two-bedroom, two-bath home showcases ample texture and playful touches in its 3,200 square feet, such as a hidden pantry that conceals the microwave and toaster. Teal accents and swallow-printed wallpaper keep the home from looking too monotonous, and natural light envelops the three-story abode. Textiles, wood, marble, and an infinite collection of artwork lend to the cozy feel.

Swallow-printed wallpaper adds depth and pattern to the subdued kitchen color palette. 
White walls allow for the natural light to really illuminate the space while soft colors prevent the space from looking one-dimensional.

Upstairs, sweeping views of the forest take center stage in the areas between the two bedrooms, so the decor was kept relatively simple. The outside porch area uses pale colors to let the expansive views take over, while the middle hallway acts as a mudroom that ties into the downstairs area with the same colors used for the kitchen.

A stunted marble table sits between two armchairs.
The guest bedroom houses a canopy bed with blue-and-white bedding that accentuates the sunny attached balcony where one can look out into the neighborhood, or relax and read.

By using a combination of textures and artwork, black and white with pops of color, and modern elements like metal and glass, Cartwright has managed to create a rustic, nature-oriented family home that still boasts a modern edge, making it ideal for families and young couples alike.

Sunny days can be spent lazing on CFC chairs. Cartwright made sure that the rug and pillows were of a similar style in order to keep the room orderly and focused.
The bathrooms’ white walls and wood cabinetry keep the areas light, bright, and airy.
A hidden mudroom near the stairs boasts the same moody teal as the kitchen, tying the entire home together while still maintaining separate functional spaces.

Project Credits:

Architect of Record: Serenbe Planning and Design / @serenbe

General Contractor: Lucas Barry

Landscape Design Company: Serenbe Landscape Design

Lighting Design Company/Interior Design Company: R. Cartwright Design

Cabinetry Design: Cabinet Craft

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