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Slacks Creek

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Slacks Creek is an established residential and industrial area, with some commercial areas along the Pacific Motorway and Kingston Road, and rural areas in the south-east. Industrial areas are located mainly in the north. Slacks Creek is bounded by Compton Road and Logan Road in the north, the Pacific Motorway in the east, Murrays Road, Slacks Creek, Loganlea Road, Scrubby Creek, Queens Road, Meakin Road, Veldt Street, Wagensveldt Street, Windsor Street and Anders Street in the south and Kingston Road in the west. Slacks Creek is named after John Slack, an original land holder in the area.Settlement of the area dates from 1845, with land used mainly for cattle grazing. Growth took place in the late 1800s. Significant residential development did not occur until the 1960s, accompanied by industrial growth. The population has declined slightly since the early 1990s, a result of little change in dwelling stock, and a decline in the average number of persons living in each dwelling.

Major features of the area include Ikea, Slacks Creek Environmental Park, Ken May Memorial Park, Mabel Park, Reserve Park and two schools.