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Logan Central

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Logan Central is an established residential and commercial area. Logan Central is bounded by Garfield Road, North Road, Defiance Road, Ewing Road and Albert Street in the north, Kingston Road, Ellen Street and Mayes Avenue in the east, the railway line, Jacaranda Avenue and Ashton Street in the south and Bardon Road, Wembley Road and Brisbane City in the west. Logan Central is named to mark to administrative centre of Logan City.

Settlement of the area dates from the 1840s, although population was minimal until the 1880s. Significant development did not occur until the post-war years, with rapid growth from the 1960s. The population declined slightly during the 1990s, and then increased slightly between 2001 and 2006.

Major features of the area include various commercial areas (including Logan City Centre Shopping Centre, Logan Central Plaza and the commercial area around Woodridge railway station), Logan Entertainment Centre, Logan Art Gallery, Logan Council offices, Logan Gardens, Ben Matthews Playground and a number of schools.